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In fact we’re changing, we’re changing our way of living, we’re changing our way of thinking and we’re changing our way of gathering. If we’re changing everything this time so what about marketing.

Are you changing your way of living or still not?

Let’s see what we were doing in the last days. When we were not used to of internet and not keeping devices as an organ of our body.
We didn’t have option to skip office even for doing little work as mailing, scanning or other operations. With difficulty, we could chose a day for enjoying meal with friends some time mere on festival or occasion. We used to go market only on weekends or evening market while coming from our offices. We didn’t had chance to talk on phone for long duration than a while. We had to done everything manual even we operated systems. Those days are golden days for us.
Really, are you agree or wanted to live those golden days, hope you won’t enjoy those days. Which was full of stress and burnable? Might someone wanted to live that life even mostly will not agree to say those day were golden days. Because those days were bluntly harass ‘n’ hard.
If we’ve discussed about the struggling era, can I not mention today’s life style. I think I should you’ll also perceive advantages of today better. So without delaying or saying something else. I’m telling you today’s life vogue.
Today we’re free from many abrupt and roughly work, we’re free from heavy calculation and manually writing in the sludgy, messy register. We don’t have to go our offices for attempting such silly tasks, and to the institutions wherever you have some work due to access on the site. We’re free to make plan for future with more assurances and getting services at our home place too. We don’t have to push our self for going market after accomplishing the busy schedule of daily life. It’s all ease came through combo of devices and internet. The interaction of devices and internet make our life happier.
But in the changing era technology help a lot and tune us into techno serva. We don’t have to give more time and do more effort on the silly tasks. Now with the help of technology and digitalization we are in area of freeness. Before this era if we wanted something we had to go market and then had to take survey for getting lucrative goods at affordable prices. But today we get anything without forwarding step from wherever you’re. Because now it’s looking essential to keep cell phone and might you too do the same. So for you or for anyone who have device having easiest to get anything whatever you want on your doorstep at best prices after survey.
After the lengthy discussion of Yesterday’s and today’s life and changes we should also know how can we work out and get more benefit from the internet? This paragraph is especially for our business personalities. Here I’m going to tell about the benefit of internet & website in the changing era for lucrative benefit.

Having website isn’t mere all about selling your goods and services- it’s also about awareness to your potential clients.

  • Website give social proof to the consumers.
  • In fact before buying any product whether online or offline. People take survey on the internet and always take glance for review of old consumers.
  • Every customers wish to see their seller website.
  • Everyone is wanted to see the name of the brand whatever he utilize on social channels and excepting that brand have website too.
  • Narration can’t effect.
  • Yeah you can’t control what other say about you on social media channels. But you can naively influence public perception by building your own story via business website.
  • A company blog help business personalities to spread out their aim with people and take their review through enabling comment on their websites.
  • Competitors have their company websites
  • As I’ve told that every of consumers start their buying journey with research and recommendations from peers and social network connections.72% of buyer are buying crack their deal via the same resource. Still you’re not staying competitive before your competitors means you’re opening the link to buy from them.
  • You’ll show up in Google search results.
  • 81% of consumers execute the same process before purchasing any goods. They always Google to check the price or quality or name. example: I’d need of keyboard I typed ‘best keyboard’ and it’s shows many name from that I choose my one like Quantum. However it’s not too big brand but I like and buy due to affordable reason and features.
  • Showcase your products and services.
  • Not only you can display your products or outline your services in detail with exquisite images, but you can provide short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions to give hesitant customers no reason to go elsewhere to purchase.