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Solution always hides behind the problem.

Here’s chance for realtors to get out of worry, after launching of some useful apps realtors are worrying about their income. Yeah I know that apps are useful for people but what they do who has been working from decades in fact it grabs the opportunity of realtors. So this discussion holds on realtors. I hope it will lucrative and effective discussion. And will helpful to our realtors. Indeed, we are living in techno versa era, but we are techno serva in Italian we call servant as serva. And that’s fit for the name of our generation yeah we’re being Techno serva. I also understand myself a techno serva, might you not? Let it be well but you will agree on my second fact what I am going to say, that we all are using devices and internet little more than any other appliances whatever we have in the present. On the devices we’re not just scrolling, seeing or searching but finding, making transaction and many more things. Before time we tuned in our radios for listening goods songs, but nowadays we are listening our favorites. Actually this technology gives us our own wide space of learning, doing practices and living. We don’t have to go anywhere except a space internet. And as it as now realtor should do, they should visible on the site, on the search engine. Because you cannot get vehicle from the wrong platform and now realtors train our running on digital platform.

Mere website can’t hit your aim, that’s first stair or ticket of journey, not a vehicle.

So what’s vehicle means which can run your business smoothly and effectively, let’s ponder that with some points let’s glance it. Mainly, many people have website of their business and their brands, but those are useless and ineffective due to dearth of its fuel. Let’s know the factor behind the ineffective business website. There are many factors behind ineffective website such as dearth of content, nasty look, promotion and SEO and many more.

Let’s don’t break continuity, start without pausing a while,

  • SEO: - SEO stand for Search engine optimizer, who optimize and make your website understandable to search engine, for getting higher rank during search with basic keyword stored in your content.
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  • CONTENT: - Content is the stuff which introduce your website, your work, your services, like collaboration, rent and purchase services. And help SEO to utilize keywords in the content for getting higher rank.
  • THEME - Good theme is basic need of website if you don’t have good theme. People will not giving glance on your site. Because that should be attractive and effective too. Or in such way if I’ll say that should be eye catchy that will not wrong in any way. Well best themes are generally attracting the visitor to zoom your website see your frequency and see your services. With the best theme you can ease their problem and being helping hand for customer which makes you trustworthy in their sight.
  • PROMOTION: - Having website is not big deal but how many visitors visit and seeing your services and using your service for this. You should also make aware your potential clients and people with interest in buying or selling their properties from your name and works. And it will happen through promotion Bulk WhatsApp message, Bulk SMS messages, Bulk E mail marketing.
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