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People are starting business and wanted to secure their company from loses and wanted advantages too. Now here’s good news for startup or Private limited company Allwebmart is known for IT & Solution and assisting you with similar services a service relate to company registration in India. We assist you in registering in your company, one person company, Private company limited, nidhi company and many more instead of this, we also assist you in GST registration and many more other services of registration. The average time to taken accomplish formation of any registration by 10 to 15 working days, subject to government processing time and owner document submission. Here’s info about our services:

One Person Company & Registration

If you’re alone and want to open your company, One Person Company (OPC) is the best way to start a company. One Person Company considerable way of the Companies Act, 2013, initiate to encourage self-employment with a backbone of India's legal system. For registering in OPC Act, 2013. You’ve requirement of a member and nominee too, who becomes the members of the company.

Private limited company & Registration:

A private limited company is a company privately execute for small businesses. This kind of company cannot exceed entity limits owner liability to their shareholdings, the number of shareholders to 200, and have also another restriction that a shareholder cannot sell his/her from share publicly.

Nidhi Company & Registration:

Nidhi company is a company create for the mutual benefits of its members. This company runs through the community of lender and borrower. These companies members deposits amount, and that amount utilize to give secured loans to the member at reasonable price.

Trade mark & Registration:

A trademark is a visual symbol which can be a word signature, name, device, label, numerals or combination of colors used by one undertaking on goods or services or other vendible of commerce to differ it from other similar vendible or services engendering from a distinguish undertaking. Trademark registration can also be obtained for a business name, distinctive catch phrases, taglines or captions.

GST & Registration:

GST registration is mandatory for all institution involved in the buying or selling or providing of services in India. Now the tax is not on manufacturing, sale of service but is on supply. Under the new tax regime, all persons involved in the supply of goods or services are required to obtain registration of GST. Those who are not registered under GST shall not be allowed to collect GST from customers or claim input tax credit (ITC) on inward supply. GST Council has prescribed 20 Lacs of turnover to be the threshold limit for registration under GST. However, for northeastern states, it is 10 Lacs. The registration must be applied within 30 days of reaching the threshold limit. Allwebmart is India’s leading IT & Solution Company situated on the river bank side of Yamuna, Delhi. We’re on top the 10 IT & Solution service provider, dealing with National and International clients and brands. For reaching for your goal you should also once take our support for enriching your business with lucrative tools and services.