bulk sms service providers In India

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Here’s end of your soughting’s journey. Now you’re here to reckon the wide quantum of your strength and digitization through affordable and systemic tactics by SMS marketing. Want to run new business? Want to expand the quantum? Bulk SMS marketing services, it’s faster, affordable and easiest way to startup or business head to achieve the huge quantum o public within a tiny short period. In the competition of digital world Bulk SMS marketing is one of the strength full tool for reaching billion of people within a short of time span.
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You’ve heard about SMS marketing services , SMS marketing meaning or SMS marketing definition many time before, but we will tell you about it’s benefit for marketer for you.

SMS marketing

is a way to get access to your customer’s cell screen. In the past or in the present hope in future too it’s incredible source to get in touch with your, friends, spouse, child , parents, relative business associate, clients and many more….. The best thing about SMS marketing is it never go in spam as mail never unseen to receiver. It’s virtuous way to get in touch with someone or to convey your message to someone to promote your brands. Basically, everyone is keeping cell phone but mostly people are using key pad in India. it’s not lie here’s result you can see that. “For 2017 the number of mobile phone users in India is expected to rise to 730.7 million. In this same year the number of Smartphone users in India is predicted to reach 340 million and could reach almost 468 million by 2021.” Means still people are using Keypad phone which means they’re offline yet. So it will helpful to reach your client by SMS marketing. Nature of mobile phones makes SMS marketing a very useful tool. Few people doesn’t take their mobile phones everywhere except all users - meaning SMS Marketing can be effective for time sensitive messages. If we’re delivering a lot of info about SMS Marketing. Let know about the variants of SMS Marketing

Promotional SMS

These SMSs sent with the goal of promoting your product or services. This category includes every sales & marketing messages which may or may not be solicited by the recipient. Promotional SMSs can be sending only from 9AM to 9PM and only to numbers that are not on the NDNC registry (DND numbers).

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS usually sent to provide any information to registered mobile users. Transactional SMS needs to approve a 6 characters alpha sender id and SMS template to define the variables in the template content.

how to do bulk sms marketing?

  • Manage your Address Book / Phone Book.
  • Manage groups of users (like friends in one group, clients in other group, staffs on another group) etc.
  • We guarantee positive results on a massive scale backed by our guarantees.
  • You can send message instantly to any individual user or to a particular group.
  • You can schedule the system to send messages on a particular date and time to individuals or groups.
  •  Upload Excel Sheet, Notepad File or Comma Delimited File [.csv file] (with number and message) to send bulk messages without making address book.
  • Customized/Personalize SMS Feature Available.
  • Hindi SMS or SMS in any Languages also available (i.e. Unicode SMS)
  • DND / Non-DND Filtration Available on bulk SMS web interface.
  • SMS Delivery Report Available (We provide Delivery Reports)
  • Target specific messages to specific target groups.
  • It is very easy way to send the Text SMS. There is no need of technical knowledge. We offers single click SMS delivery to thousands of numbers.
  • We provide lightning fast delivery.
  • Who can use Bulk SMS?

    Presently, business owner, government and non government institutions, School Colleges, Artist and many more utilizing Bulk SMS services and getting optimum response with the. So what are you waiting for just call us and subscribe our service in incredibly cheapest cost.